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Travis Danny, 23-year-old Bangladesh born, is an Electronic music producer/DJ and artist.

Travis Danny, Bangladesh born 22-year-old, is an internationally recognized music artist/producer mainly focused on Electronic & Dance music.He developed his passion for music since his early age and started to learn to play various instruments.As a club goer Travis Danny was captivated by the rhythmic dance groove which resulted in him to start focusing on electronic music production from 2012 onwards.He was heavily influenced by the boom of progressive vibe initiated at that point and started to sketch against that curve.His first single ‘Go ahead your life’ was released in 2013 December as a rather Kickstarter experimental project.After receiving plenty of appreciation and support Travis Danny moved forward with his production and throughout the journey, he experimented with several genres such as progressive house,bigroom,trance,tropical,dubstep,80’s and so on.In 2017 April he debuted his first studio album ‘infinite spirit’ which is a compilation of his top 12 tracks from the scratch.Tracks like ‘proton’ ‘Rhythm paradise’ ‘after all’ ‘blues groove’ portrayed Travis Danny’s unique and creative style of melody construction and track pattern.As a multi-genre producer, he also produced r&b, pop, ambient tracks in collaboration with other artist and vocalist locally and internationally.Apart from the intense passion for music, he is also an artistic guy as a person.Loves photography and making art in various forms.As an indie artist, he is looking forward to expanding his musical career world-wide intensively and will continue to work harder to release better music.


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